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Select The Account That Fits Your Financial Style! What are your money managing habits? Do you write lots of checks? Swipe your debit card? Pay bills and reconcile your account online? Whatever your style ... whatever services and features you desire ... F&M Bank has the checking account for you.

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Smart Free Checking

VIP Interest CheckingChoice Interest Checking

This Account Is For You If...

You prefer to bank electronically. All you want is a basic account with no special requirements and no monthly fee.

You want to earn interest on your entire balance and reap the benefits of a wide array of financial perks.

You keep higher balances in your account and expect to receive the best perks and highest interest rates

Monthly Maintenance Fee

No Monthly Fee

No Monthly Maintenance Fee with:

Direct Deposit and/or $500 minimum daily balance


$8 per month

No Monthly Maintenance Fee with:

$2,500 minimum daily balance


$8 per month

Minimum Opening Balance




Overdraft Privilege**




BaZing Benefits Program*

  • Savings
  • Cell Phone Replacement Protection
  • ID Protection Zone
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Free Mobile Banking

(Data service charges may apply)

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Free Online Banking and Bill Pay

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Free Telephone Banking

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Free VISA Debit Card

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Your Choice: Monthly Paper or E-Statement

Your Choice: Monthly Paper or E-Statement

Your Choice: Monthly Paper or E-Statement

Unlimited Check Writing

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Free Standard Checks




*Registration is required to access BaZing benefits. Email address and activation code required to register.

$1,000 Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

$5,000 Daily Check Card Spending Limit


Smart Free Checking

Smart Free Checking is perfect if you do most of your banking electronically and prefer to get your monthly statement via e-mail. No monthly maintenance fee. No minimum balance requirement. No per-check charges.

VIP Interest Checking  Powered by BaZing

This account is a Smart Choice if you want to earn interest on your entire balance and reap the benefits of a wide array of financial perks. Pay no fee by keeping a $500 minimum daily balance or receive Direct Deposit - otherwise, pay a low $8 maintenance fee per statement cycle.

Choice Interest Checking

This account is your Smartest Choice if you are interested in earning near CD interest rates on your checking account balance. Pay no fee by keeping a $5,000 minimum daily balance - otherwise, pay a modest $8 maintenance fee per statement cycle.

Reorder Checks

Re-ordering your checks online is fast, easy and secure! Shop online for a variety of styles designs and choices. You can order checks online at your convenience...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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**Overdraft Privilege

It is the policy of F&M Bank to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to conduct business in accordance with applicable safety and soundness standards.

A non-sufficient funds(negative) balance may result from the following:

Payment of Items

We generally pay teller cashed checks (low to high amount) first, then other electronic funds transfers, withdrawal requests and checks (low to high amounts). We reserve the right to change the order of payment, without notice to you if we suspect fraud or possible illegal activity affecting your account. You should also be aware that the order of item payment may create multiple overdrafts during a single banking day for which you will be charged our standard non-sufficient funds and overdraft fees.

We are not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient available funds. However, if you maintain your account in good standing we may approve your overdrafts within your current available "Overdraft Privilege" limit as a non-contractual courtesy. Approving your reasonable overdrafts is a discretionary service and not a right nor an obligation on our part.

Your account is in good standing if you follow the guidelines listed below:

This discretionary Overdraft Privilege Service will generally be limited to:

Any and all bank fees charged, including our non-sufficient and/or overdraft fees (as set forth in our fee schedules) will be included in this limit.

We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time, even though your account is in good standing and even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you. You will be notified by mail of any non-sufficient items paid or returned that you may have; however, we are under no obligation to notify you before we pay or return any item.

The amount of any overdrafts plus our non-sufficient funds (NSF) and/or overdraft (OD) charge(s) that you owe us shall be due and payable upon demand. If there is an overdraft pay by us on an account with more than one (1) owner, each owner, if applicable, drawing/presenting the item creating the overdraft, shall be jointly and severally liable for such overdrafts plus our Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) and/or Overdraft (OD) fees.


Overdraft Privilege is available only to eligible personal checking accounts primarily used for personal and household purposes. Business accounts and Money Market accounts are not eligible. Accounts must be 30 days old and in good standing to be eligible for Overdraft Privilege. We may limit the number of accounts eligible for Overdraft Privilege to one account per household.

Overdraft Privilege does not constitute an actual or implied agreement between you and F&M Bank. Nor does it constitute an actual or implied obligation of or by F&M Bank. This service represents a purely discretionary courtesy or privilege that the bank may provide to you from time to time and which may be withdrawn or withheld at any time without prior notice or reason or cause.

Overdraft Privilege should not be viewed as an encouragement to overdraw your account. We encourage you to manage your finances responsibly. In the event you would like to have this service removed from your account, you can do so by calling 931-645-2400 or 1-800-645-4199 (toll free) or any of our branch locations. However, you are still responsible for any overdrawn balances at the time of opting out.

As a rule; we will not approve an overdraft for you in excess of the predetermined amount assigned to your account type. So as not to exceed your limit, please note that the amount of the overdraft PLUS the bank's standard NSF fee of $37 (per item) and a $7.00 (per business day) negative balance fee will be deducted from the overdraft limit. The maximum amount of overdraft fees we can assess is limited to $192.00 per day. This consists of 5 - $37.00 fees and 1-$7.00 fee.

FDIC Coverage

FDIC deposit insurance has been permanently increased from $100,000 to $250,000 per depositor. For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit