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Business Deposit Services

Managing your business’s money effectively is essential. Learn about the business checking account options available at F&M Bank. Whether your business needs a savings account, a checking account, or a certificate of deposit, it’s easy with F&M Business Banking.


Business Checking Accounts

The smooth flow of your company’s cash can be the difference between riding high or just drifting along. F&M has deposit products designed for businesses right here in Middle Tennessee, with features and pricing that make sense for you!


Business Checking

Business checking accounts with F&M give you easy money management solutions, no matter the size of your business. Compare checking account benefits to decide which one is right for you.

Business Account Options

Smart Free Business Checking

Choice Business Interest Checking

Commercial Checking

This Account is For You If...

You don’t want to worry about excess fees or minimum balance amounts

You are a sole proprietorship, government entity or non-profit organization looking for tiered interest rates to reward higher balances with higher rates!

Your business requires a large number of monthly items* and you want to offset item charges with credits earned from compensating balances.

Monthly Fee


$0 with $2,500
minimum daily balance

(can be offset with compensating balances)

Minimum Opening Balance








Number of No-Fee Monthly Items*



Per item charges offset with compensating balances 

Coin/Currency Deposits*

Up to $10,000 deposited per month

Up to $10,000 deposited per month

50¢ per $1,000 

Free Business Online Banking and Bill Pay




Free VISA Debit Cards with Individual Spending Limits





Your Choice: Monthly Paper or eStatement 

Your Choice: Monthly Paper or eStatement 

Your Choice: Monthly Paper or eStatement


Smart Free Business Checking

The best checking account around for businesses that don’t want to worry about excess fees and maintaining a minimum balance. You’ll have 1000 items* per month, free business online banking with bill pay, and a convenient monthly e-statement.

Commercial Checking Accounts

Customized for businesses that use a large number of monthly items.* Fees are charged on a per-item basis, but can be offset by credits earned with compensating balances. Ask us to evaluate your checking activity to provide an estimate of services.

Choice Business Interest Checking

Allows a sole proprietorship, a government entity or non-profit organization to earn interest. You are allowed 1,000 items* per month, and the $8.00 monthly fee is waived if you maintain a $2,500 minimum daily balance.

* Items are defined as individual checks written, a deposit, individual checks deposited, transfers between accounts, online and ACH transactions, wire transfers etc. If the Smart Free Business Checking or Business Interest Checking account exceeds 1,000 free monthly transactions or exceeds $10,000 in monthly coin and currency deposits, the account may be converted to another checking product. Your F&M Bank representative can provide you with a complete list of per-item fees and credits.

Business Savings Accounts

F&M Bank offers different business savings account options to help businesses earn competitive interest. You’ll need to maintain a minimum balance in your account, but the interest-bearing benefits will help your earnings grow significantly.

Business Savings

Earn interest on deposits with competitive rates based on your account balance. Business savings accounts are limited to six withdrawals per quarter, but deposits are unlimited.

Starting a business savings account will help you prepare for tax payments, emergency events, and retirement benefits. All while earning interest and helping you save more as you go!

Business Choice Money Market

A choice interest-bearing business savings option that rewards higher balance accounts with higher interest rates. Make unlimited deposits, earn higher interest, and help your business account grow. The income is taxable, but also FDIC-insured!

Certificates of Deposit

Earn even more competitive interest rates with a certificate of deposit agreement at F&M Bank. With a business certificate of deposit (CD), you agree to deposit one large lump sum with F&M bank and leave it untouched for an agreed amount of time.

Why Choose a CD?

Usually, when you open a checking or savings account, the bank uses that money to invest and earn returns. Then, the bank will pay each account interest in return. When it comes to CDs, however, with larger lump sums and long-term agreements, the bank can compound and increase the average percentage yield (APY). Keep in mind, however, there is a penalty for withdrawing from a CD early.

At F&M Bank, we offer term agreements ranging from 3 months to 60 months.

Latest CD Rates

F&M Business Banking services can give your business the competitive advantage for earning interest and managing money. Learn more about our business online banking services, or call your local branch to set up your business account today!

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