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Treasury Management Solutions

F&M Bank offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to help increase your business productivity and growth. We know every business is unique, so our Treasury Solutions Team will partner with you to implement secure tailor-made solutions designed to optimize your working capital and better manage your cash flow.


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Cash Management

  • Zero Balance Sweep
  • Investment Sweep
  • Credit Sweep



Fraud Protection

  • Positive Pay
  • ACH Block

Information Reporting

  • Business Online Banking
  • Direct Connect

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A convenient and timely way to monitor account information or transfer funds more efficiently?

Information Reporting

Monitor your company’s cash position and provide quick and easy access to time-critical information with F&M Bank’s account management products.

Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking gives you more than just simple access to your account information by allowing you to manage every step of your cash flow process, from managing receivables, reporting and analyzing account activity, to initiating payments and wire transfers.

  • Monitor real-time balances and transaction activity.
  • Pay bills, transfer funds and request stop payments with a single, secure login.
  • Enhance your service with additional Cash Management Services such as ACH Origination, Positive Pay, and Corporate Online Wire Service.
  • Eliminate paper storage with eStatements.
  • Fast identification of deposit accounting errors.
  • Learn more about Business Online Banking.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect allows you to easily manage your finances using software by Quicken or QuickBooks by downloading account statements directly into your software’s register for your review, allowing you to automatically update/reconcile your register.

  • Easy file import.
  • Easy access to pay bills, transfer funds, view check records, account information, and create custom reports.
  • Faster reconciliation.
  • Learn more about Direct Connect.

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Treasury Management Service fees will apply.
ACH Origination subject to credit approval.


Automatic funding of disbursement accounts or automatic transfers of deposit to an operating, investment, or credit account?

Cash Management

Manage your cash flow more effectively with our cash and investment sweep services. These solutions support your daily business needs, provide credit advances when needed, while quickly and efficiently transferring excess funds to loan/line of credit or investment accounts.

Credit Sweep

Credit sweeps keep excess deposit dollars working for you by creating an automated link between your F&M Bank Business Checking account and an approved F&M Bank loan and/or Line of Credit.

  • Customize sweep thresholds to suit your business.
  • Reduce interest expense by reducing loan/line of credit principal automatically.
  • Prevent overdrafts by automatically advancing a line of credit when funds are needed.
  • $30 annual service fee.

Zero Balance Sweep

Zero Balance accounts give you the flexibility to maintain full-functioning business checking accounts for each of your offices, stores or facilities while linking to a primary centralized account for easy recordkeeping.

  • Automatic funding.
  • Centralize multiple depository accounts.
  • Total view of liquidity in one place.
  • Detailed recordkeeping for accounting and audit trails.
  • $30 annual service fee.

Investment Sweep

Investment Sweeps ensure your dollars automatically earn maximum interest by linking your F&M Business Checking account and an investment option.

  • Maximize interest income by automatically sweeping excess funds to select investments.
  • Simplify cash control.
  • $30 monthly service fee.

Get Pricing Information

Line of credit Overdraft Protection: $7 per occurrence
Bundle pricing available for Investment Sweep Service.


A secure and efficient way to accelerate the processing of receivables and increase working cash?


Reduce operational and administrative cost while improving cash flow by collecting and processing your business deposits and customer payments electronically, directly from your business.

ACH Debit

ACH Debit collects your payments faster and more efficiently while protecting your business from losses by avoiding returned checks.

  • Predict or manage receivables by collecting payments electronically from clients, suppliers, or vendors.
  • Eliminate the manual collection process.
  • Improve cash flow and funds availability.
  • Enhances customer service by providing alternative payment options.

Remote Deposit Capture/Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

RDC/mRDC saves you time, money, and gas with fewer trips to the bank when you deposit checks electronically from your office with a bank-approved scanner or on-the-go via your smart phone after downloading the F&M Bank mRDC app.

  • Minimize fraud by depositing checks faster and starting the collection process sooner.
  • Improve funds availability with faster check clearing time frames.
  • Improved month/quarter/year end reporting capabilities.

Merchant Card Services

Merchant Card Services increase your sales revenue by giving your customers more flexibility with payment options.

  • Reduce overhead by eliminating many of the accounting activities associated with cash and check receivables.
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards, gift cards, mobile wallet payments, and more. 
  • Learn more about Merchant Card Services.

Get Pricing Information

ACH subject to credit approval.
Bundle pricing available for ACH and Remote Deposit Capture/Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.
Annual Scanner Fee for Remote Deposit Capture: $100 per Scanner


A fast, convenient, and easy way to pay employees, suppliers, and tax obligations?


Maximize your working capital using F&M Bank’s timely electronic payables solutions. Electronic payments replace checks, reducing check handling and reconciliation cost, while offering tighter security with enhanced fraud control measures.

ACH Payments

ACH Payments pays your employees and vendors quickly and more securely while reducing or eliminating postage and printing expenses.

  • Transfer funds electronically without the use of paper checks.
  • Reduce fraud and additional bank charges from lost or stolen checks.
  • Decrease office and administrative expenses.

Corporate Wire Services

Corporate Wire Services save you time, money, and gas with fewer trips to the bank when you process wire transfers through Business Online Banking with discounted outgoing wire transfer fees.

  • Initiate wire transfer requests online.
  • Expanded security controls featuring personal identification numbers and customizable maximum dollar limits.
  • Establish convenient, pre-arranged wire instructions as repetitive transfers.

Business Credit Cards 

Business Credit Cards maximize your business's purchasing power while protecting your deposit balances against potential fraudulent charges.

Get Pricing Information

ACH subject to credit approval.
Bundle pricing available for ACH and Corporate Wire Services.
Outgoing Wire Fees: Domestic, $15 per wire - International, $30 per wire
Business Credit Card subject to credit approval.


Access to advanced fraud protection and risk prevention tools?

Fraud Protection

Financial crime perpetrated against businesses of all sizes is increasing. Protect your business accounts with a suite of powerful fraud prevention tools easily accessible from Business Online Banking.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows you the opportunity to review suspect paper check items reducing fraud liability while giving you superior research capability and quicker account reconciliation turn times.

  • Prevent check counterfeits and alterations.
  • Electronically reconcile presented check items.
  • Easily complete pay/return decisions via Business Online Banking.

ACH Block

ACH Block allows you to establish rules governing the processing of ACH Debit and Credit transactions before they hit your account drastically reducing your fraud liability.

  • Prevent unauthorized electronic transactions.
  • Establish and manage a list of acceptable payments by originator and transaction dollar amount.

Get Pricing Information

Bundle pricing available for Positive Pay Service.
Annual processing fee for ACH Block: $30



Treasury Management Services Pricing


Treasury Management Services


Treasury Management Services


Treasury Management Services

$50 per Month

$75 per Month

$100 per month

Stand-alone Treasury Management Service pricing is $30 per month.  Annual processing, equipment maintenance, and per item/transaction fees may apply.

Ready to get started?

For questions or further information, contact:

Kimberly Miller

Vice President, Treasury Solutions Officer




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