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Smart Swipe

Spend. Save. Repeat. 

A program designed to help build your savings with every
point-of-sale debit card purchase.


A little change can go a long way. 

That's why we offer Smart Swipe, a great tool that deposits change to your savings account every time you make a debit card purchase.

Take your morning latte for example:

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Use your F&M debit card to buy your morning latte for $5.28. Smart Swipe rounds the purchase to $6.00.

Icon - Saving

The difference of $0.72 is transferred to your F&M savings account.

Icon - Debit Card Repeat

Continue building your savings with every point-of-sale debit card purchase.

Seventy-two cents a day every day for a year would add $262 to your savings account. And that’s just considering your latte.

When your goal is to save money, F&M Bank can help. Then you can spend it on what matters the most.

We’re the bank that helps customers build savings with every debit card purchase. Because we know a little change can make all the difference.

Start saving today.

To enroll in Smart Swipe, you must have the following:

  • F&M Personal Checking Account
  • F&M Debit Card
  • F&M Personal Smart Savings or Youth Savings Account


Ready to start saving, but don't have an F&M Bank account? 

View Personal Checking Products View Personal Savings Products

*Upon enrollment, we will round up your point-of-sale debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your linked personal checking account to your personal savings account. We may cancel or modify Smart Swipe at any time without prior notice. Smart Swipe does not apply to recurring debit card transactions. Smart Swipe is not available for business debit cards.

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