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WorryLess(Transparent)F&M Bank is committed to providing you with information and resources you need to make good financial decisions.

Bounced checks and overdrafts can happen to anyone, whether due to an absent-minded oversight or a change in income. Regardless of the reason, no one needs the added frustration of unwelcome fees.

To help you, F&M Bank has taken steps to eliminate some fees, reduce others, and provide an overdraft cushion in case you have a misstep. We also want to make you aware of tools and resources to help you keep an overdraft from happening in the first place.

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The following fee revisions apply to Consumer and Business Customers:

  • We’ve reduced Non-sufficient Fund / Overdraft fees from $37 to $18 per item paid or returned (first time presented & re-presentments).
  • We’ve reduced the Continuous Overdraft Fee from $7 to $3.50 per day; and have added an extra day to the overdraft grace period, so you won’t be charged a fee until day 3.
  • We’re introducing an overdraft cushion of $50. You will not be charged a Non-Sufficient Fund / Overdraft or Continuous Overdraft Fee until payment of an item causes your account to be overdrawn more than $50.
  • We’ve eliminated the $7 Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee, so you won’t get charged when you need to use your Overdraft Protection.
  • We’ve reduced the Stop Payment Fee from $37.00 to $18.00.
  • We’ve eliminated the Low Balance Service Charge on Consumer and Business Savings accounts (Previously $12 if balance was less than $100).

Review Our Full Fee Schedule

F&M provides helpful tools to keep you from making a mistake in the first place: 

  • To help avoid NSF/OD Fees, CardValet® helps you manage your finances by controlling how, when and where cards are used through your mobile device. 
  • SecureAlerts can let you know the moment something important happens in your account!
  • Overdraft Protection gives you added peace of mind. Call or visit an F&M Bank office near you!
  • Visit our Online Education Center for more tools.
  • If you have questions about these changes and how they affect you, call 1.800.645.2400 or visit an F&M Bank office near you.
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