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GoldCrest Benefits
  • CD Bonus - Ask for details*
  • FREE Photo Debit Card - Limit one per yr. ($9.95 value).
  • No Fee on F&M Visa Gift Cards - Limit five per month (up to $25 value).
  • No Fee on F&M Visa TravelMoney® - Security of travelers checkes... convenience of a card.  No limit on number of cards. ($9.95 value).
  • Free Basic Checks  - or 50% Discount on Specialty Checks.
  • No Fee on Money Orders - Limit one per month ($5 value)
  • Increased F&M ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit - (upon request).
  • Increased F&M Debit Card Spending Limit - (upon request).
  • $250 Off Closing Costs on any new F&M Mortgage - Minimum $50,000 loan**.
  • No Fee for Cashier's Checks - Limit one per month ($7.50 value).
  • 50% Annual Discount on one Safe Deposit Box Rental (as available).
  • No Fee when you order or exchange Foreign Currency through F&M Bank

Qualifications for GoldCrest Status

Your benefits are awarded based on total combined deposits of $75,000 or combined deposit and loan balances of $100,000 as of 02/05/19. A personal checking account is required and accounts must be maintained in good standing.

*Offer not valid on CD specials or promotions.   **Upon approval of bank underwriting standards.

NMLS #518158

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