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Easy Save - Your Way
Easy Save

Saving Money Can Be Automatic ... And It Can Add-Up Fast!

We know we need to save. Financial advisors say we need to build up enough readily available savings to cover 3-6 months worth of living expenses ... especially in today’s economy. But for most of us ... saving is really hard! Usually because we don’t have a plan, or we don’t make saving a priority! If YOU need to add some DISCIPLINE to your savings, F&M has introduced our new EASY SAVE account.

Why Is Easy Save So Great?

#1 ... It’s Easy Because It’s Automatic!
You don’t have to think about it at all. At the time you open your new Easy Save account, we’ll set up the required monthly transfer of at least $50 from your F&M Checking account into your Easy Save Account. After that, your savings deposits happen automatically ... like clockwork ... before you have a chance to spend it!

#2 ... Earn .50% APY!*
Because you’ve made the commitment to transfer at least $50 into your Easy Save account on a monthly basis … F&M will pay you a much higher interest rate than you can earn most anywhere else on a savings account. *

#3 ... It’s Flexible!
Set up your automatic transfers into Easy Save anyway you like, for example:

You can even select the day of the month you want your transfer to take place!

Couples, other family members, even friends can set up a joint Easy Save Account … each transferring monthly amounts that together total at least $50, for example:

Set up multiple Easy Save Accounts for your kids and/or grandchildren. What a fantastic way to set aside college funds or start them off on a road to financial security! Just remember ... each Easy Save Account requires a minimum $50 per month automatic transfer from one or more F&M Checking accounts.

And There's More

Don’t delay starting your good savings habit! Come by F&M Bank and open an Easy Save account soon! To find an office near you, call 931-645-2400 or 1-800-645-4199 ... or click here.

* APY= annual percentage yield and is accurate as of 10/07/11. Rates are variable and subject to change. Customer will earn a rate equal to that of F&M's personal Savings Account on their entire Easy Save balance if customer halts the automatic transfers between their checking and Easy Save account. A rate equal to that of F&M's Personal Savings account will be paid on balances exceeding $25,000.