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Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

If I am replacing an existing F&M debit card with a new MyChoice Photo Debit Card, what do I need to do with my old F&M Debit Card?

Once you receive your new photo image card, you should destroy your old card to ensure that you don’t accidentally try to use it again. Your old F&M debit card will be deactivated 30 days from the date you order your MyChoice Photo Debit Card.

When will my new MyChoice Photo Debit Card arrive?

You will receive your card by mail approximately 2-3 weeks from the day you place your order.

Do I need to change automatic payments I currently have established with my current F&M Debit Card number?

Yes. A new number will be assigned to your new card.  Once your receive your new MyChoice Photo Debit Card, your old card and card number will no longer be valid.

My spouse and I both have Debit Cards on our joint account. Can we each have different images? Can we both have the same image?

It’s your choice! You can both have the same image or different images. Each card order must be ordered separately and will track to the card number. Whether you choose the same image for two separate cards or two different images for two separate cards, you will be billed $9.95 for each MyChoice Photo Debit Card ordered.

Can I use more than one personal photo on my card?

No. You can only choose one photo, either for an inset photo or edge-to-edge photo.

How will I be charged for my new MyChoice Debit Card

Your checking account will be charged $9.95 each time you order a new MyChoice Photo Debit Card, unless your checking account or other F&M promotion allows you to get your first MyChoice Debit Card free.

How often can I update my photo?

You can update your photo at any time and as often as you like. Just remember that your checking account will be charged $9.95 for each new MyChoice Photo Debit Card.

What should I do if I lose my Debit Card or it gets stolen?

Always safeguard your F&M Debit Card to make sure no unauthorized purchases can be made to your account.  If it’s lost or stolen, call Visa IMMEDIATELY at 800-554-8969. It is also important to report this issue to the bank. During business hours, call 931-645-2400 or 800-645-4199. You can also send a secure email message to our Customer Service Department using the Secure Email Form on the Contact Us page of this website.

What if I need help creating my photo card design or have additional questions?

Call any F&M office and talk to a customer service representative, or call 800-645-4199.