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Password Security Change:

Beginning April 28, 2016, cardholders who log into the uChoose Rewards® website will be presented with a short registration form, and will be required to complete the form to create a new registration before proceeding.  This does not impact your uChoose Rewards points.  

Take advantage of our F&M debit card rewards program!

UChoose Rewards® delivers more reward choices than ever! Choices such as … electronics, merchandise, travel options, restaurant and merchant gift cards, cash back, coupons and more!

How Does It Work?

First, you must register your F&M debit card(s) for UChoose Rewards program.  Next, select “credit” and sign your transactions to earn UChoose Points when making purchases with your F&M debit card. 

Finally, redeem your points for the UChoose Reward of your choice. 

Everything you need, from registration to redemption, will be available on

Need more information?  Stop by your local F&M office or call Customer Service 800.645.4199 (931.645.2400 for Clarksville - Montgomery County, TN residents). 

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